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Your photographs or drawings --- handknit into the fabric of cushions, dresses, or sweaters

We offer a service to convert your favorite photographs (digital or otherwise) into knitted cushions, dresses, or sweaters.  With the latest digital imaging and knitting software we transfer your photo details to Swiss-made knitting machines.  Our skilled operators then carefully hand knit each row, reproducing your photograph in the actual knit of the fabric.  We can make cushions (such as the one above --- showing the original photograph), dresses, sweaters, or whatever you wish.  To see more Bull Terrier cushions, please click here.

We use only the finest European yarns.  This is not mass production:  we knit individual wool sweaters, cushions, and dresses by hand -- to your specifications.  We can also knit other items (blankets or dog sweaters for example):  please just ask.

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Because each item manufactured is unique, we can also modify garment sizes.  You can either order by standard size, or can specify individual measurements, and we'll do the rest.

The hand knitting is done on our farm in the English countryside, and we ship worldwide:  postage is included in the price.

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We also raise pedigree Highland and Aberdeen Angus cattle:  visit our farm website at www.luciesfarm.co.uk
We have a luxury dog resort and dog day spa. There are photos of our activities at www.bark.ch

Please contact Marjorie Walsh at marjorie@fotoknit.com.

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